Cthulhu’s Hideaway custom painted helmet

“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”

H. P. Lovecraft, The White Ship

Hello world! Sooo happy to present my first ever custom painted helmet. The theme is called Cthulhu’s Hideaway and it is based on one of my earlier drawings which can easily found on my web ^^ can you find it? ))
Still can’t believe it was me who done all this %)) but then.. I’ve had this helmet for more than a year lying about waiting for me to be painted )) There is even no bike around anymore XD and the funny part is it only took 2 days (about 10 hrs or so…?)
Since the bike is not around this is for sale. Please pm me if interested. Also I have still more than a half can of paint left.. if anyone wants a custom-painted anything please let me know! ^^ friends get discounts you know ;-D





Below you can see step-by-step painting process.

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Sponge Bob-style painted bicycle

Mesdames et messieurs!I hereby present you my custom Sponge Bob-style painted bicycle.Using basic acrylic paint I have transformed my old boring bike into bright and colorful one so it is more fun to practice the ride.There are no words to describe how proud and self-satisfied I am (if you don’t blow your own horn, you know.. lol) If you like it too you can check out the tutorial I’ve made to share all the processes of creation with you, guys ^^

IMG_2795-870x490      IMG_2807

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