June 2016

Exploring Talents – Artyom Semenov

“One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others” – Lewis Carroll

There are so many talented and creative people around and I think it is only fait these people are to be noticed. I am starting a series of blog posts called Taleneted Friends deditcated to people who create amazing things day by day to make life more exciting. First of all please meet a very talented Scotland-based concept artist who creates beautiful illustrations, designs brilliant characters, makes fantastic 3D models and does lots of other creative things.

Introducing Artyom Semenov who has been running sucessful illustration business for a couple of years now and has developed a style that is truly his own. For Artyom there is no impossible task – he can magnificently visualize anything from book covers and playing cards to complex 3D interiours. Please have a look at examples of his illustration style and creativity by visiting his webstie http://www.artsydesign.co.uk/

One of my favorite ones is this dark and mysterious Slavic folklore project. Great atmosphere of wickedness immediately sets the mood and transfers the observer to the enchated swamps of ol Russian fairy tale.  Marvellous piece of fantasy art.

                                                         Slavic folklore concept art

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