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Sponge Bob-style painted bicycle

Mesdames et messieurs!I hereby present you my custom Sponge Bob-style painted bicycle.Using basic acrylic paint I have transformed my old boring bike into bright and colorful one so it is more fun to practice the ride.There are no words to describe how proud and self-satisfied I am (if you don’t blow your own horn, you know.. lol) If you like it too you can check out the tutorial I’ve made to share all the processes of creation with you, guys ^^

IMG_2795-870x490      IMG_2807

First step was really quite simple – had to get rid of all the dirt and grease. I used spririt for degrease which made a process a bit more fun and full of spirit :)) wait until surface is dry completely before moving to step 2.


2.Second step is a very boring one as you need to remove paint from a surface. at this step you need to be very cautious as it is easy to ruin thematerial underneath. so – get all of your patience ready and.. scratch-scratch..


When the boring parts are over thing start getting a bit more exciting. let the painitng begin! apply base paint layer. I used coulour white.


Base layer is done ant it’s all right because it’s all white ^^


Then it is time to move on to the serious business! choosing theme colours is a very important step. The range of ideas was very wide from “rusty rat” bike to dark horror & bloody massacre themes. Decisions decisions.. I always consult my I always consult my inner child when such moments come and the child shouted “Whooo.. lives in a pineapple under the sea!” ok! Naughty-call nonsense theme it is then!
I used greenish blue colour as a main for underwater world and made white spots for further details.


A lot of mixing colours was involved. check me out, I’m even wearing Sponge Bob pants!


Some details already becoming visible!

20150817_221143 20150818_223620

And there you have it! 2 evenings (about 9-10 hrs) work of painting, plus about 3-4 hrs preparation and a whole ton of fun and self-satisfaction afterwards!
Now I have the coolest custom painted bicycle. No need to master riding it like a pro too ^^

IMG_2787 IMG_2799

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