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The Inward World

Sharing this post from 2015 as I have recently discovered it and realized this awesomeness has been hidden from the world ^^

It was always been an enormous mystery – what people are made of (both physically and mentally)? drawing internal organs is one good way for me to express people from the inside, their inner life. A skull represents physical matter and heart has always been a symbol of emotions & feelings. both uncovered from remaining bits of flesh these symbols combined represent the wole concept of human being.
This is a collaboration with Artyom Semenov I’ve made lineart & backgroung and Art has done skull colouring. Think it turned out great. Well done, team Z.L.O. ^^







Lineart – markers on A4. Colouring & backgound – Adobe Photoshop CS 6. 2015

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And this was meant to be

“When we are all alone and waiting for some treat
We have a thing in common, this was meant to be” – The Knife, Marble house

Remake of one of my drawings from 5 yrs ago just to see if there’s progress ^^ The girls are actually cyborgs, however every single person I’ve showed this to thinks girls have tattoss \(#6_9)/ still need to practice then ))

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