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The Inward World

Sharing this post from 2015 as I have recently discovered it and realized this awesomeness has been hidden from the world ^^

It was always been an enormous mystery – what people are made of (both physically and mentally)? drawing internal organs is one good way for me to express people from the inside, their inner life. A skull represents physical matter and heart has always been a symbol of emotions & feelings. both uncovered from remaining bits of flesh these symbols combined represent the wole concept of human being.
This is a collaboration with Artyom Semenov I’ve made lineart & backgroung and Art has done skull colouring. Think it turned out great. Well done, team Z.L.O. ^^







Lineart – markers on A4. Colouring & backgound – Adobe Photoshop CS 6. 2015

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Summer night

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Summer night. Alphonse Mucha inspired. Markers on A4.

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Cthulhu’s Hideaway custom painted helmet

“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”

H. P. Lovecraft, The White Ship

Hello world! Sooo happy to present my first ever custom painted helmet. The theme is called Cthulhu’s Hideaway and it is based on one of my earlier drawings which can easily found on my web ^^ can you find it? ))
Still can’t believe it was me who done all this %)) but then.. I’ve had this helmet for more than a year lying about waiting for me to be painted )) There is even no bike around anymore XD and the funny part is it only took 2 days (about 10 hrs or so…?)
Since the bike is not around this is for sale. Please pm me if interested. Also I have still more than a half can of paint left.. if anyone wants a custom-painted anything please let me know! ^^ friends get discounts you know ;-D





Below you can see step-by-step painting process.

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La Prima Vez

This is a very detailed and extremely symbolisitc piece. Started working on it late summer and it took a while to complete – a looot of details and I really tried hard. Yet this is a rare case I am fully satisfied with a result – all went according to the plan 🙂

Markers on A4, 2016

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“He who loves not his country, can love nothing.”

― Lord Byron

My latest project is dedicated to the country I was born and raised at. Specifically to the home city of Riga. Wanted to include its main attraction – Monument of Liberty and some traditional ornamnets and colours – crimson  and white – to empathize the local flavor. Done a lot of researched and learned many new things on symbolism in mythology, folklore. Wish the topic would be covered more at schools 🙂

Markers on A4, 2016


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